will be used for the development of the Flemming lounge. My team and I also would like to bring a sense of enjoyment and fun back to the college and make it an enjoyable experience.

Otherwise I have been trying my best to develop the leadership ability and level of determination and focus that I have seen being displayed by Ms. Charissa and her team. They motivate me and inspire me to always try my best to succeed and of such I have been encouraged even more than ever to make a difference wherever I may go. I have also been advertising the scholarship to other needy students and spreading the word to others about the wonderful job that Ms. Charissa and her team are currently engaged in. I do hope that you will continue to do the good work you are doing and I will forever respect and cherish the bond that I have now established. Thank You!​

Hi, I am Densil Irving a third year business student at the Bethlehem Moravian College pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Accounting. I was a scholarship a 2016/2017 winner of a scholarship from the Grace Scholarship Fund. The scholarship has aided me above and beyond my expectations. Having received this scholarship I have been able to be successfully pay my school fee requirement so that I may go on my teaching practice exercise. I am currently engaged in the teacher practice exercise at the Black River High School in St. Elizabeth where I teach four classes.  

I have also been engaged in extracurricular activities on the campus as I am the Hall Representative for Flemming. As a hall we have had a cookout entitled “Grill on the Hill” where we jerked chicken and sold other foods so as to raise funds in preparation for “Flemming in Action.” This is a night of entertainment where the male residents of the college will have various stage performances and items as the money that is received from this event

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Densil Irving - Founder's Scholarship 4 Business Students