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Even though I knew I always wanted to teach, I had no idea what subject area or level I wanted to teach; that is until I was in second form and my love for Spanish began to blossom. I fell in love with the language and knew that nomatter what, I had to teach Spanish.  when I had just graduated high school and was preparing to do sixth form, one of my brothers was brutally gunned down and I became depressed for a while and thought about giving up many times but what kept me going was the fact that, that same brother was always encouraging me to do my best so as a tribute to him, I kept on going. There are many days when I feel like dropping out of school but I always remember what he told me and use it as motivation to strive for excellence. 

My brothers are not the only encouraging persons in my life but also my high school Spanish definitely helped me a lot in ways that even she does not know. I definitely made up my mind to teach one hundred percent because of what she told me, outside of the curriculum, I want to be that sort of inspiration for my students one day. In our society today, there are many students who have no one to talk to or look up to and I want to be someone that my students can look up and I want to inspire them to never give up and to always aim for the stars. there are many persons who told me I couldn't do this and I couldn't do that but instead of following the masses, I listened to the few persons who encouraged me because it is never a good thing, for me, to follow the crowd. I always aim to stand out. in  the future, 

I want to give back and give my all to the youth of Jamaica in every way that I can. to me the smallest acts of kindest always mean the most and if it is even to make somebody feel better about themselves or to help someone cross the street, I will do because I know that many small acts of kindness are what got to me to where I am today. that and the grace of God. 

Kimberley Lewis- Lawrence Family Scholarship Winner

My name is Kimberley Lewis. I am twenty-three years old and live in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica, I am currently in my third year at Church Teachers' College where I'm studying Spanish and English. I spent most of my childhood at my grandmother's house playing with my cousins. It was from then I knew I loved teaching. I would always be the one to be the teacher whenever we played school and I always enjoyed imparting my knowledge on others, not in a showing off way of course and whatever I didn't know I was eager to learn, even from others. I grew up in a house full of males as I am the only girl for my mother. I grew u in a very rough neighbourhood where crime is plenty and the people are not the nicest , I say that because I remember one day I was going to school and this lady said to me, "you don't tired to go school now?"  I was dumbfounded. So they are not necessarily happy for you when they see you doing something good with your life so I always strived to be the very best I can be and hope that along the way I can at least encourage some young persons to do the same.