Wendy-Ann Barton - Dr. Keith Williams Dental Scholarship

I am in the process of planning a dental outreach with my colleagues and staff for next month at my own church in Mandeville.

I have formed lifelong relationships with my patients. I have to mention my Deaf patient in particular, as our interaction in the clinic has helped me to improve my sign language skills and knowledge in their culture, which has made me better able to communicate with the Deaf.

I was also able to participate in the Annual Jamaica Dental Association Convention through the use of the Grace Scholarship Fund. The convention was enlightening as world renown dentists came and imparted knowledge in the form of lectures and a hands-on course. I was also able to meet local dentists, who presented future job opportunities. I have also used the funds to buy dental instruments necessary for performing various procedures in the clinic. Finally the last of the funds will be used to assist in purchasing supplies for my final board dental examinations (ADEX) or to assist in paying to sit this ADEX examination. 

Since June 2015, I have entered my final year of dentistry and I am looking forward to graduating this year so I can begin to make a useful contribution to the profession of dentistry.  I have gained and improved my clinical skills in the various aspects of dentistry such as operative dentistry (fillings), periodontics (cleanings) and exodontia (extractions).  I have been able to put beautiful smiles on my patients’ faces through restorative work and prosthodontics (dentures).

I have participated in various dental outreach efforts across the island in areas such as St. Mary, Savanna-La-Mar, Clarendon and Kingston. This involves giving service to individuals who are unable to afford it otherwise in the form of education, dental cleanings and extractions.

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